Revving Up: A Stand-Out Moving Up Campaign

Working closely with a range of partner academies, schools, colleges and MATs, we understand that when it comes to increasing and maintaining student roll, attracting applicants is only the first hurdle. Once students have applied and secured their place, the next challenge is to maintain their interest and ensure that they walk through the door in September. That’s where moving up campaigns come in.

Early in 2021, one of our amazing partners, UTC Leeds, had an idea for an exciting campaign which would capture the attention of their incoming cohort and give them a real taste of life at their new college.

UTC Leeds is a specialist STEM college which takes on students from Year 10 through to Year 13. Through their unique selling points, staff from the UTC saw an opportunity to create a meaningful and engaging campaign based on their tagline: “Innovate. Collaborate. Engineer.”

The idea was to create three activity packs which could be sent out over a few months to students who were due to start at UTC Leeds in the next academic year. Each pack would contain a challenge to complete plus information about various relevant Industry Partners involved in the UTC. Whilst the challenges were set by UTC Leeds themselves, Team EE was responsible for creating the branding around the overall campaign as well as copy and design for each activity pack.

Moving up campaign 'revving up' logo

First Impressions

From this, the ‘Revving Up’ campaign was born, capturing the engineering focus of UTC Leeds as well as the anticipation and excitement around moving up to a new college. We aimed to convey the friendly and professional feel of the UTC through the whole campaign, and demonstrate the care and attention to detail students could expect from the college, right down to the branded envelopes the activities arrived in. From the moment the first Revving Up box arrived at students’ doors, we wanted them to have an understanding of what UTC Leeds is all about and why they should take up their place in the new academic year.

Bringing the Brand to Life

The three packs were named after the elements of the UTC’s tagline, and each activity clearly related to its title. The first, ‘Innovate’, required students to experiment with different paper aeroplane designs to achieve the furthest possible flight distance. In the second challenge, ‘Collaborate’, students had to work as a team to write a programme which generated random avatars. The third and final challenge, ‘Engineer’, required students to carefully follow instructions to create a pop-up box. Clearly linking each challenge to the UTC’s brand in this way ensured that new students had a real practical understanding of what it meant to study at UTC Leeds.

Building a Community

One of the things that makes a UTC so special is that everyone who teaches and studies there has a passion for STEM. This creates a real community feel which we wanted to help capture as part of the Revving Up campaign. A simple way of doing this was to encourage students to share the results of their challenges on social media with #RevvingUpUTCLeeds. This would allow incoming students to see each other’s creations and get to know some of their peers before they arrived at the UTC. Since UTC Leeds already has an extremely active social media presence, they were also able to interact with the posts, building positive relationships with students before the new academic year.

Looking Forward

Each school, academy, college and Trust has a ‘special something’ that can be captured as part of moving up campaigns, demonstrating who they are to new students and their families. These sorts of campaigns help to build strong relationships even before students have arrived, helping to ensure that they accept their offer of a place. We thrive on collaboration and innovative ideas, and love to help our partners stand out from the crowd.


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