Department for Education: User Engagement and Programme Promotion (2019 – 2020)

The Department for Education launched a series of programmes to help parents improve their children’s life chances, particularly in less affluent areas, by making the most of everyday learning opportunities at home and in the community. The marketing and promotion of this initiative to secure participant uptake was critical.



  • Create and distribute digital content to parents – encouraging them to sign up and take part in a wide range of parenting courses and education programmes.
  • Develop and deliver a 12-month marketing campaign, ensuring the programme meets the desired outcomes and sign-ups.
  • Produce specific resources to enrich the programme and extend learning into the home environment.

Our role:

  • Creating and implementing all content, design and media for the marketing, promotion and programme.
  • Enabling parents to understand how they can enhance the development of their child and prepare them to be ‘school ready’.

As always, the work produced by Engaging Education looks fantastic! We have been so impressed at what you have produced. Thanks for all of your hard work in supporting such an important piece of work.

Rachel Webster, Department for Education


  • Programme participant sign-up rates exceeded DfE targets.
  • Social media reach increased each month by over 67% on average.
  • Resources implemented in the programme achieved 100% adult user satisfaction.